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Techincal department
Drawing development and mechanical design
AGAZZI GIANCARLO Srl is a mechanical construction company very dynamic and attentive to the problems of its customers that has activated since a few years, in addition to the production and assembly departments, also a service of drawing development and mechanical design for the constant updating of the technical level of the products.
So the company's strength is its ability to work alongside the customer at every stage of the process, providing qualified technical advice on industrial problems, solving questions and problems of a constructive, organizational, logistical nature, bringing together experience and technologies into operational synergies, from the initial stages of the project, to the construction and operational/functional testing of equipment and machines.
One of the services offered by our technical department that has been most favored by our clients is the management of design changes that become necessary due to problems related to the machining of mechanical components; in fact, companies often reserve many resources for the design of their new products but unfortunately neglect, due to lack of time, the updating of technical drawings as a result of changes made during the realization phase, so they find themselves after the prototyping and pre-series realization phase no longer having documented control of what is actually made and marketed.
Our company, through the activation of this technical service, therefore aims, in addition to the construction of the equipment/equipment/machinery designed by the customer, also to return the set of drawings and bills of materials in a complete and updated electronic format fully compliant with what has been realized.
Therefore, this approach relieves the customer and his technical resources of the usual management issues and allows him to focus-much more appropriately-on new strategies and new product lines.
Turnkey project

On the other hand, with regard to the turnkey development program (product design + construction), each stage of the process, being concentrated in a single facility, is carefully planned in every detail: development issues, procurement of materials and components, logistics, implementation timeline and its compatibility with the client's needs and resources are studied with great care and followed day by day, to ensure the strictest compliance with the agreed operational specifications and timelines.

Our company is able to develop designs for equipment, fixtures, components and parts, independently or in synergy with its own experience and/or acquired from the end user or the customer himself.

AGAZZI GIANCARLO Srl is, therefore, the ideal partner for manufacturers who need a serious and competent support that they can rely on for their product realization needs, with the knowledge that they can count, at all times, on an availability, flexibility, preparation and responsiveness of sure value.