Our Ethic

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics of Agazzi Giancarlo Srl was adopted on June 1, 2011. With this instrument, the company intends to identify the general principles and rules of behavior to which an ethical value is recognized. The document summarizes the organization's Values and the ways through which it intends to apply them: in other words, it is a tool that enhances the company's commitment to the path of Corporate Social Responsibility.
The Code of Ethics is a tool for the growth of the company's culture of values towards its stakeholders and aims to direct the company's actions towards ethical behavior; it aims to make the principles effective through the introduction of a system of rules whose observance is an essential condition for the pursuit of its corporate mission.

The Code of Ethics is an instrument of self-regulation, which makes explicit the values proper to the corporate identity, and is an active tool for the support and direction of the decision-making process.

The principles and values that make up the Code of Ethics are applied at every moment of the Company's life and in every context in which it is called upon to operate. To this end, >Agazzi Giancarlo srl makes the contents and spirit of the Code of Ethics known not only to its directors and employees, but also to its collaborators, suppliers and customers.

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Suppliers code of conduct

Code of Conduct for Business Partners (Suppliers)
Agazzi Giancarlo Srl (AGAZZI) has made a commitment to conduct all its procurement activities according to the strictest ethical standards. Today as never before, and especially in view of a competitive and constantly changing global economic environment such as today's, it is important to act in full compliance with these standards.

All activities of its Business Partners (SUPPLIERS) having connection with AGAZZI must be conducted according to the strictest moral, ethical and legal standards of honesty, integrity, fairness and equity. To meet the requirements of these standards, AGAZZI requires all its CONTRACTORS to operate and act in full compliance with the provisions of this Code of Professional Conduct and all applicable laws and regulations. AGAZZI also expects its SUPPLIERS to enforce the same standards on their respective suppliers and other stakeholders: this Code of Professional Conduct therefore also applies to affiliates and subcontractors of AGAZZI's SUPPLIERS and their respective facilities to the extent that they provide goods and services that will be sold or used by AGAZZI.

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Social Commitment

According to sustainable development theories, businesses are one of the main causes of environmental and social imbalance, but at the same time they are the actors that most have the power, in collaboration with governments and civil society organizations, to improve the quality of development, because their activities involve a wide number of different subjects (stakeholders).

Knowing how to manage relationships with these stakeholders, beyond what is required by regulations and laws, i.e., corporate social responsibility, is critical to the continuity and success of business operations.

Sustainable development is a central element of Agazzi Giancarlo Srl's business model. Value creation depends on the ability to combine economic objectives with the reduction of environmental impacts, meeting the expectations of all stakeholders. For Agazzi Giancarlo Srl, social responsibility does not just mean donations or sponsorships, but determines the daily management of activities and the company's own strategies.

Choices of concrete commitment, which in the past have seen the birth of collaborations with various associations in the area. A corporate social sensitivity that for years has been expressed in philanthropic activities of charity and support for initiatives of a social nature, that is, support for solidarity, the environment, culture and sports.