Quality is compliance with requirements
Quality in the mechanical engineering industry is substantiated by three main approaches that are all present in our organization and, most importantly, in the way we work:
Quality control

Process through which compliance with predefined specifications is defined, resulting in inspection and control activities on production processes and finished products
Quality assurance

Provides for the suitability and keeping under control of the entire management and production chain so that it can be guaranteed to provide a product that conforms over time with a focus on customer satisfaction; it is within this approach that our company has decided to conform its QUALITY SYSTEM to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. Quality and Quality System Certification have now entered our mechanical culture as we have been a certified company since 1995.
Total quality

Extends to all sectors, elements and business processes the concept of quality, limited in the first approach to single aspects of mere dimensional counting, and including the strategy of continuous improvement, considering the customer-supplier chain not only outside the company but also inside
Scope of application

The scope of the company's Quality Management System covers:
  • Design (Research & Development)
  • Mechanical processing
  • Construction of special equipment and machines

For our company, the concept of global quality is not a purely theoretical term, but the concrete result of choices applied in every field of work: process, product, service.