Mechanical Components
Mechanical Components

We have been a leading company in the mechanical processing of stainless materials and aluminum for over 50 years; this production has been joined over time by that of ferrous materials,construction steels and cast irons. Please note: The possibility of possible iron oxide contamination in production changes is avoided by scrupulous attention to the cleanliness of machines, equipment and tools used for machining.

We mainly produce small and medium-sized milled and/or turned mechanical parts ( excluding mechanical small parts ).

In-house mechanical processing:

  • Milling
  • Reaming
  • Turning
  • Grinding
  • Slotting
  • Laser cutting

In addition to light carpentry work such as :

(through our sister company FABER Ltd.)

Our in-depth experience and continuous development of new technologies and processing methods have enabled us to become strategic suppliers in many fields: medical, scientific, food, optical, electronic.

We are also able to process various types of plastic materials.

All machining is done on CNC machines to ensure maximum precision and repeatability.
Please note: Also for this purpose, the production department is fully air-conditioned and maintained at the same temperature as the metrology room in which dimensional checks are performed.

Over the years, new techniques and new mechanical processing machinery have also been introduced, which combined with our experience enable us to optimize machining cycles with as few machine setups as possible, the result of which is to obtain products with:

Complete supply

In order to provide our customers with the best service we follow the parts in all their processes, from purchasing to processing the raw material to the finished product, making use of external collaborators for the following processes:
- Carpentry processing
  (through our sister company FABER Srl )
- Machining of small mechanical parts
- Broaching/stocking processing
- Galvanic and electrochemical surface treatments
- Heat treatments
- Surface coatings (rubberizing, rilsanizing, etc.)
- Painting
Raw materials

Our company has a stock of raw materials always in stock to respond promptly to our customers' urgent requests.