CAM - Laser Cutting

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CAM - Laser Cutting

AGAZZI GIANCARLO Srl is able to carry out any kind of LASER CUTTING machining, even complex ones, by means of appropriate CAD-CAM software which, through post-processor programs, generates CNC lists for the laser cutting plant we have in our company.

The application of the machining technology to a profile/surface can be done directly in the CAM program by building the model from a paper drawing or by using files in DWG/DXF format from CAD systems performed directly by our engineering department or acquired from the customer himself.
The LASER CUTTING system is interfaced to the CAM program via a network connection managed by data transmission management software.
This connection allows program downloading and archiving after machining to ensure repeatability of machining on any subsequent batches.


AGAZZI GIANCARLO Srl makes CNC programs using BYSOFT software.

The graphic below highlights the organization of our CAM programming system and interfacing/connection to the LASER CUTTING machine:


Program for automatic programming of CNC laser cutting machines with:

• 'Geometry' module for graphical construction of workpiece profiles and surfaces by 'interactive' system, by import or by using geometric primitives (points, lines, circles, spline curves, etc. )
• Workpiece processing in a job-oriented manner and creation of cutting plans with a variety of nesting possibilities and different post-processor options
• Integrated management of Bysoft data common to multiple modules
• Data transmission management between CNC machines and CAM computers
• Powerful editor and simulator for CNC programs
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