Other tools
Machines for filing drawings and paper documents

ModelGeneral characteristics
Aut. vertical storage machine BERTELLO – mod. EUROT 5406No. 26 drawers dim. 1710mm ( No. 520 binders ) Load capacity: 100 kg/drawer

Machines for distributing tools to the production department
ModelGeneral characteristics
Automatic tool dispenser DAINT – mod. TOOLMAT24No. 432 slots qty 2 machines
Auxiliary machines and equipment
ModelGeneral characteristics
Work environment air conditioning system (production department)CARRIER / SABIANA
Work environment air conditioning system (metrological room)HIROSS
Three-dimensional CNC measuring machine
Model :ZEISS ACCURA II 9/16/8
Measuring range : 900 x 1600 x 800 mm
Max. workpiece size : 1260 x 2340 x 864 mm ( kg 1500 )
Measuring accuracy :MPEE (ISO 10360/2) : 1,2+L/350 µm MPEP (ISO 10360/2) : 1,4 µm
Repeatability :MPL R0 (ISO 10360/2) : 1.2 µm
Software :CALYPSO (Measurement) PiWeb (Statistics)
Measurement of vacuum degree - vacuum gauge
Vernier calipersSmooth pads
Depth gaugesThreaded pads
Matching plansbore gauges
ProtractorsJohanson parallel plane blocks
Micrometers ( int./est. )Comparators

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