Machanical Assemblies
Mechanical Assemblies
Making use of a group of specialized assemblers and a specially equipped department, we can assemble the parts performed in-house in accordance with the technical specifications provided by customers or elaborated by our technical department.
The assembly operations performed range from the smallest and simplest to complete electrical and pneumatic machinery of medium size (e.g., dim. 4 x 3 m - weight about 1500 kg).

In addition, our purchasing department can directly manage the procurement of commercial parts (mechanical, electrical and pneumatic ) also through the use of framework contracts between our customers and their subcontractors.

The assembly department is equipped with automatic vertical warehouses, pallet racks and container racks for the storage of components to be assembled; warehouse management is fully computerized through the use of management software that allows an instantaneous view of the quantities in stock, those committed for orders already acquired and those in production/purchase.