Mechanical design
AGAZZI GIANCARLO Srl is able to carry out anytwo-dimensional design task, offering also a complete service of development, adaptation and realization of assemblies and machine BOMs obtainable from drawings executed directly or acquired from external source (by the Customer or other designers).
With equal reliability and attention, our company also performs transposition or transformation of old drawings executed with different systems (old CAD systems or manually), into 2D special drawings, also performing final assembly and BOM compilation.

PLEASE NOTE: the technical service offered is always linked to the consequent realization at our production departments of the product itself (component, equipment, machinery)

AGAZZI GIANCARLO Srl makes two-dimensional designs using PTC Creo Elements/Direct Drafting® software, but can export and import the files in multiple formats to meet the different needs of its customers.

2D Format

(assembly assemblies, construction tables and exploded views):
- MI ( ME10 )
- DXF ( other CAD programs )

Basic Details

Format :
- XLS (Microsoft EXCEL)
- PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
- ASCII (text file)
PTC Creo Elements/Direct Drafting®
Two-dimensional mechanical design programs complete with applications for:
  • BOM creation and management
  • Creation and management of shot peening
  • Commercial component libraries
No. 2 A4/A3 size laser printers
No. 1 A4-size inkjet printers
No. 1 roll and cut-sheet plotters A1 format
Network server
No. 1 Dell network server
CAD Stations
No. 2 CAD stations on Dell PCs